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To bid farewell to 2022! Join us for the ultimate year-end bash! | PAIDU

December 17, 2022
To bid farewell to 2022! Join us for the ultimate year-end bash! | PAIDU


Annual meeting is a kind of gathering planned and implemented by enterprises and organizations in order to summarize the operation situation of the year, encourage team morale and look forward to a better future. The annual meeting is the Spring Festival of enterprises, and also marks the end of a year's work for enterprises and organizations. The annual meeting will be accompanied by employee commendation, corporate history review, corporate future outlook and other important content. Some excellent enterprises and organizations also invite significant upstream and downstream partners to participate in this festival to increase the communication between enterprises and promote the common progress between enterprises.


Passionate performance

12-14 shows are enough. The form and content should be rehearsed before the evening party. Otherwise, it is not a corporate-dominated culture, but a corporate culture dominated by social popularity and employees' thoughts. Other times: To begin with the atmosphere, unexpected, accumulated by the enterprise content; In the middle, there should be passion, modern vitality, customer support content or excellent staff reward content; The end should have touched, grateful content, or inspire, inspiring content! Enough for all present to aftertaste and trigger the sense of belonging content! Middle to intersperse party games, raffle activities, PK content on the scene! Form and content design, the role of the host is very small, behind-the-scenes control is very important; Don't highlight the host, of course. Both on and off stage.

Experiential learning

In doing learning, in doing joy, in doing melting team, experience sharing, mutual gratitude, innovation, passion, everyone participation, special significance! The annual meeting of experiential learning shall be hosted and organized by a professional team. The employees and the team are the protagonists. The whole annual meeting will be conducted in the process of innovation, creativity, competition, performance and experience sharing.

Outdoor skiing

This is a very memorable annual meeting form, enterprise people after a year of hard work, to the nature of the sky, put on a variety of colorful baby jacket, wear a hat and gloves, go outdoors, we ski together! We will carry out large-scale team PK competitions to expand competition outdoors, bury our wishes under the cedars, or fly our dreams together. We will plant our flags, wear gongs and drums, build our castle and LOGL together with snow blocks in the snowy forest and sea, bury our bosses in the snow pit, match men and women, and form separate teams. Do power train in the snow, balance stick, grab the bride and other all kinds of annual expansion sports! Cheers, shouts, laughter that releases incredible pressure, the whole ice and snow world will be melted by our passion, by our passion! Finally, take a group photo against the background of snow, ice and blue sky, it will be a very meaningful annual meeting! Suggestion: Please similar to our professional company organization and planning, the effect multiplier. It also saves money. Just like the experiential annual party!

Customer appreciation

Specially designed! Increase recognition and enterprise performance to maintain and grow, the effect and investment are not careless!

Enterprise theme

Motivate staff morale promote strategic sharing create organizational atmosphere improve goal identification Avoid: enterprise annual meeting simple funny, simple performance, simple eating, simple money layout venue and other non-important links. Including simple rewards! Avoid: save money and effort, not quality effect, counterproductive!

Creative buffet

Creative buffet, the theme of each event such as corporate brand LOGO and company name (text - pattern) or want to express to the elders, colleagues, family members, lovers with coffee production technology (latte coffee technology/carved coffee technology/printed coffee technology) expressed in coffee, food.


Extension annual meeting

After the company enters the development base and is briefly grouped, it first takes half a day or one day to hold the annual meeting of the company. The specific organization of the annual meeting can be carried out by the company itself or hosted by the company after communicating with the development company. After the annual meeting, outdoor experiential outward training program will be carried out. The specific program arrangement can be designed according to the company's team situation and training purpose. In the evening, the celebration party will be planned and hosted by the development company. At the same time, some development games will be played according to the characteristics of the team. In a relaxed and happy atmosphere, the team will be relaxed and smelted. Or a short dinner followed by an in-room class training, which could be themed on effective communication or excellent leadership according to the characteristics of the company, and at the same time, an in-room extension game project could be arranged specifically for a specific problem.

Efficiency enhancing annual meeting

Before the training, the company will send the detailed plan of the annual meeting to the development company, and the development company will design different projects according to different themes of the annual meeting. After each speaker gives a speech or the speech theme is finished, specific training projects will be inserted according to the theme, so as to achieve the purpose of synchronizing the training with the annual meeting and increase the effect of the annual meeting. The annual meeting is always regarded as an indispensable "family event" by enterprises and organizations, which is a prelude to raising morale, deploying strategy, setting goals and playing a New Year's work. But "how to constantly innovate, have a good annual meeting, to achieve better results" is more and more let every annual meeting organizer pains. Summary, commendation, dinner, entertainment, tourism, and many heavyweight speeches, enterprises at the expense of human, material and financial resources, all hope that through a good annual meeting to cheer up the spirit, unified understanding, lock the goal, but often will backfire.


In the opinion of many people, using the annual meeting as the stage, with the new and different programs, can give their career performance a lot of points, the annual meeting will become a part of the career performance, causing great psychological pressure. This is a collective Chinese New Year festival, but also a stage of fame and wealth. In order to prepare for the song and dance program of the annual meeting, some white-collar workers specially signed up for a dance training class in order to impress the audience. Many white-collar women also spend a lot of money on dresses and professional makeup and hair stylists in order to impress their colleagues. There are also employees who spend a lot of money on the Internet to collect Witke solutions, in order to leave a deep impression on their colleagues.

An annual meeting is not only a great opportunity to showcase corporate culture, but also to promote cohesion within the organization. At the end of the year, each unit in the personnel will have corresponding changes, there are expected to raise the salary did not give a raise, there are expected to promote did not get promoted, there are good colleagues were laid off, feel sad, labor relations are relatively tense, people are easy to shake. Holding a grand and memorable annual meeting can not only let employees see the strength of the unit and have confidence in the future work, but also attract more attention from the society through online video and word of mouth. In addition, many large enterprises have branches all over the country, and employees are not familiar with each other. Through the rehearsal of the annual meeting program, the communication between employees and even departments can be enhanced, which is more conducive to team building.

In some people's eyes, the annual meeting is different from the ordinary friends' party. It is a performance for the boss, directly related to the leader's impression of themselves, which puts pressure on the planning and performance. But for some employees, the annual meeting is just an annual "family gathering" where people eat, drink, laugh, bond and relax. In fact, it is the latter view that is wise. Few leaders are prejudiced against employees based on their performance at the annual meeting, let alone judge an employee on that basis. Workplace people to adjust their own state of mind, there is no need to complicate simple things, acts increase trouble.

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