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Party Fever! Join Us as We Celebrate Staff Birthdays! | PAIDU

October 31, 2019


In October 2019, Padu ushered in the staff birthday party. The well-arranged venue, fresh and delicious birthday cake, interesting games and various delicious fruit snacks made the birthday stars spend a fun and unforgettable birthday.

At the beginning of the birthday party, we invited the boss to send blessings and elaborate birthday gifts to the company's birthday stars. The boss said: "This is our first birthday party, the company is the backing of everyone forever, the future together through thick and thin, along the way." A total of nine people celebrated their birthdays together. With melodious music and beautiful gifts, we began our birthday journey today.

This birthday party has prepared a lot of game links, colleagues have no tacit understanding of body language communication and unrelated heart is really out of our expectations, in a round of games, see the serious appearance of colleagues under the soul of the Bohemian, usually tense work atmosphere swept away. Among them, the "affectionate confession" link as a punishment was made particularly like the scene of work report by colleagues, and the contrast was unexpectedly funny.

After the game, accompanied by the familiar birthday song sounded, the candles and stars set off each happy smiling face, everyone together to blow out the candles make wishes, and take a photo, this unforgettable birthday party freeze! The boss distributes sweet and delicious cake for each birthday boy, sharing the joy of birthday together.

Padu has been creating a harmonious, sincere and positive working atmosphere for employees, so that everyone feels a sense of happiness and a deep sense of belonging in the company after work. Every carefully prepared activity is integrated into the company's care for employees, as well as the long-term employee's efforts to thank and affirm, Padu is willing to work with you to create a better future! We've always been there. We've always been there.

The meaning of employee birthday party

For the company, the birthday of employees is undoubtedly to enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, reflecting the company's leadership of a kind of care for employees. This kind of "humanized management" in a sense, can stimulate the enthusiasm of employees. So how do you make your employees' birthdays more meaningful?

First of all, we should understand the real needs of employees, just like an employee whose family is in financial difficulties, he not only needs the care of the company, but also needs the economy to help him tide over the difficulties. Therefore, for this kind of employee, on his birthday, in addition to creating a touching scene, but also combined with the actual needs of his family, and within the scope of the company to bear, for him to send a gift that can best meet the family economy at this moment, such as: a dress or a quilt.

This kind of birthday party, which combines the actual situation of employees and conforms to the development of the company, is the most meaningful and valuable. But in reality, most companies choose to give their employees a cake or some other kind of gift to congratulate them on their birthday. After a period of operation in this way, the organizers and employees have produced a "coping idea only for receiving gifts". Why does this happen?

From the perspective of human resource management, birthday benefits have nothing to do with individual efforts, and they lack the incentive and promotion effect of performance management, because everyone has a birthday every year, and as long as employees of the company are entitled to enjoy birthday gifts. If he doesn't get his birthday gift, there may be some resentment. To this end, companies should treat employee birthdays as a way to motivate them. Such as organizing travel, going out to study and so on.

For employees' birthdays, some companies will simply arrange the conference room, the table is filled with fruit, sunflower seeds, cakes, etc., and then gather them in some, use the noon break time, in the form of a tea party to talk, to show family love and care, to create a feeling of "home". Some companies will make a DV video short, with the blessing of their leaders and colleagues, and then add birthday songs as background music, to the birthday day, and then play them to see, the purpose is to achieve mutual communication and create a moving corporate culture.

Birthday party as a bridge between the company and employees, it is necessary for the company to take advantage of this advantage and make it more detailed. For example, personnel or other departments are required to collect more recent small wishes of employees, and then understand what employees most want from the deepest depths according to their personality characteristics, interests and hobbies. If conditions permit, can be in a variety of forms, and under the principle of confidentiality, so that both to give employees a surprise, but also to let employees truly appreciate the company's failure to carry their care.

Here, we suggest that the company in addition to do a good job in the layout of the employee's birthday scene, but also the company's leadership's care, the boss's incentive, the blessing of colleagues, plus the employee's work moments and unforgettable scenes together, he as a warm corner of the company to operate and manage, the effect is obvious.

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