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Boosting Motivation: Reignite Your Workforce with Exciting Bonuses! | PAIDU

August 31, 2023

How can companies pay bonuses to create positive incentives?

Bonuses, as a perk in most companies, play a big role in motivating employees and boosting morale. However, misallocation of bonuses can also have negative effects. Here, we will analyze how some companies pay bonuses to play a positive incentive role!


1, fairness is the first principle of bonuses.

Bonuses are effective incentives, but pay attention to standards and fairness. The criteria for bonus payment must be established in advance, not afterwards, and the criteria determined should be operable to avoid unnecessary disputes.

2. Determination of bonus payment standards.

It needs to be clear whether bonuses are set according to behavioral criteria or outcome criteria. According to the behavior standard, the examiners can control their behavior, but the indicators are not easy to be clear, and according to the result standard, the bonus payment result will be affected. Behavioral standards and outcome standards should be based on the control of each department over the outcome standards. If the control is large, the proportion of the outcome standards will be large, and if the control is small, the proportion of the outcome standards will be small.

3. Aspects that should be paid attention to when using behavioral standards.

(1) The standards of behavior can not be vague, any attitude, ability, quality will be reflected in the behavior, the need to specify the standards of behavior, combined with key events.

(2) Before applying the standard of conduct, it is necessary to unify the manager's understanding.

4. Elements of project bonus payment.

How to determine the total bonus amount of the project? What are the overall criteria for the project? Should we set criteria for evaluation among members of the project? In short, the interests of members within the project should not be separated.


The specific bonus is based on the actual situation of the company!

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