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4 Yoga Legging Trends To Know About in 2022

April 15, 2022

2022 has already seen an explosion of new and exciting yoga legging trends. That’s why it’s more important than ever to stay up to date with these changes. We’ve begun to see an increasing demand for yoga leggings that not only feel good to wear, but are also more fashionable. Many people own more than a few pairs of yoga leggings, as they’re no longer solely for the gym and can be worn during most daily routines. Yoga leggings have become more practicable, are pushing boundaries in terms of fashion, and continue to be a big player in the global market. 

Promising yoga legging industry

The yoga legging industry is continuing to grow—and at a rapid pace. In 2019, Statista recorded the industry being valued at USD 32.6 billion dollars. By the year 2025, the valuation is expected to grow to at least USD 42 billions dollars, an increase of 28.8% in just 6 years. Compared to other types of sport pants, yoga leggings have a tighter fit and offer much more flexibility and breathability. And with yoga becoming more popular with both men and women, yoga leggings will continue to be a dominant factor in the sportswear industry.

Consumers look at a number of factors when purchasing yoga leggings. Everything from the brand to the style to the pattern is taken into account. New consumer trends are beginning to show that yoga leggings are being purchased for physical activity as well as leisurewear. They’re now universal and in high demand from people in all walks of life. 

Yoga legging trends in 2022

The new yoga legging trends for 2022 have introduced designs to maximize comfort, styles that are more fashionable than traditional yoga leggings, and a focus on performance. All of these new trends continue to incorporate the comfort and flexibility that consumers have come to enjoy when wearing a pair of yoga leggings. 

The higher the waist the better 

High-waisted leggings aren’t a new invention, but they are growing increasingly popular. When someone purchases a pair of yoga leggings, they’re ultimately looking for comfort. And that’s exactly what high-waisted leggings bring to the table. Unlike traditional yoga leggings with a small waistband, high-waisted leggings offer better movement and peace of mind. The NY Times recently pointed out that this particular style of legging makes the wearer feel like they’re not even there. 

This yoga legging trend combines comfort and fashion in a way that many other styles do not. There’s been an increase in popularity of neutral tones in yoga leggings this year too, which are being worn as leisurewear or being paired with a cozy sweater to wear outside. High-waisted leggings are muti-functional and can be geared towards many different consumers, regardless of their athleticism. 

Performance yoga leggings

Performance yoga leggings are trending much more than in previous years. Yoga leggings are now being worn for more than just yoga, so people are looking for their leggings to be much more durable and long-lasting. Performance leggings are tighter, breathable, and significantly more flexible than standard yoga leggings, which is what makes them so attractive.

Performance leggings are built to take the wearer further, which is why it is important to take types of materials into consideration. Cotton leggings are being pushed aside in favor of fibers like polyester and nylon. Many people are being eco-conscious with their clothing now, so the bamboo leggings took the yoga legging industry by storm. Not only are they comfortable to touch, but they’re robust and breathable too. This is one yoga legging trend that will only increase in demand and popularity. 

Seamless leggings are in

Seamless leggings are overtaking traditional yoga leggings due to the breathability and increased mobility that they offer the wearer. The difference with seamless yoga leggings is in the name – they lack seams. By removing the seam from the leggings, they become lighter and less restrictive. Consumers also note that they look much better and seem to fit more comfortably, allowing a more harmonic movement. People always want to feel more comfortable, whether they’re working out or relaxing at home, and seamless leggings, despite being more figure-hugging, are exactly what they’re looking for. Many seamless yoga leggings are made from recycled materials too, which is an added bonus for buyers.

Return of the flare

The yoga leggings that everyone is used to seeing are form-fitting and tight. That’s why flare leggings are such a unique yoga legging trend for 2022. They’re perfect for lounging around the house, heading out to the shops, or doing a light workout in. These leggings are a step up from the regular sweatpants that people like to relax in, and the flare helps to add some style to the outfit. Not everyone likes to wear tight clothing, which is what makes the flare yoga legging so attractive. This yoga legging trend is a definite throwback to the ‘90s, and it’s got everyone talking (and buying). It’s a huge trend to keep an eye on, as more and more versions of the flare legging keep popping up. 

Yoga leggings: clothing that’s always trending

Yoga leggings are a big part of many people’s wardrobes. Even people who don’t regularly workout own a pair or two—they’re that comfortable. But with comfort also comes style, and yoga leggings have seen their fair share of trends come and go over the years. The yoga legging trends for 2022 are seeing the rise of high-waisted leggings and the increasing demand for performance leggings. This year is also seeing the growth in popularity of seamless leggings and the return of the flare yoga legging in all of its glory. As the yoga legging industry continues to grow at a rapid rate, we’ll see future trends blossom out of these current ones and consumers rushing to add to their already bulging collection of yoga leggings.

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