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Unleash the Team Spirit: Tug-of-War Showdown! | PAIDU

March 14, 2015

Sports meet refers to sports competitions, such as the Olympic Games, but the scope is different.


Scientific research has proved that exercise can produce happiness factors.

Sports spirit (sports essence): through sports to strengthen the body and through sports to make themselves happy, it can be said that the essence of sports is happy. The first thing to be happy is to exercise. The so-called I exercise I am happy, only the body is fully exercised, the spirit can be highly concentrated, then do anything will have a strong force.


The school and even the country should think about how to deepen this spirit of sports to the bottom of everyone's heart, so that everyone really like sports. So that the public can truly appreciate the joy that sports bring us, as well as the benefits that sports bring us, including work, life, family, soul, spirit, and body. Of course, the government can guide a certain movement trend, but education and ideological guidance must be strengthened, otherwise the movement will have to rely on the government's continuous performance and cannot reach the public. You know, the foundation of the movement is the consciousness of the people, not the official show. Therefore, the purpose of holding sports games is to let the people deeply understand the spirit of sports or the nature of sports, so that the people can truly feel the happiness brought by sports and the improvement and enrichment in work, life, family and soul, so that the people love sports and consciously exercise.

Tug of war

An adversarial sport in which equal numbers of two people pull a thick rope to compare forces. Some people think that the "hook" in ancient China is the early tug-of-war movement, which originated from the Spring and Autumn period. Initially, tug-of-war was mainly used to train soldiers to hook or resist the ability in battle, and later was imitated by fishermen in water towns and became a folk sports and entertainment activity. After Tang and Song dynasties, tug-of-war gradually became popular among the people. From 712 to 756, Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty held a tug-of-war event with thousands of participants. Tug-of-war activities not only spread among the people, but also held in the royal palace.

After the emergence of modern schools, tug-of-war was included in teaching and extracurricular activities. After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, tug-of-war activities became more common, especially in holidays, organs, factories, schools, troops, and rural areas all included tug-of-war activities in the main content of the game. Tug of war site requirements are very simple, as long as there is more than 5 meters wide, about 20 meters long a flat piece of land, you can carry out tug of war activities. The modern general tug-of-war method is: draw two parallel lines on the ground for the river boundary, by the number of equal teams on both sides of the river to hold one end of the rope, after hearing the order, pull the rope, in order to pull the other side of the river to win. In the West, tug-of-war was originally a game played in the English countryside and was included in the Olympic Games from 1900 to 1920.

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